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Combat Piles Naturally with Ayurvedic Piles Care Capsule

Are you seeking relief from the discomfort of piles? Look no further than Ayurvedic Piles Care Capsule from Vedarth Herbal Time Pvt Ltd. Crafted from natural ingredients and approved by the Ministry of Ayush, our powder offers holistic support for piles management.


We all are well aware that piles can be really painful and can even ruin your daily life. But Vedarth Herbal Time PVT LTD. facilitate your Herbal Time Piles Care by the help of which you can be free from piles without undergoing any surgery.

Piles are well known as Hemorrhoids. They are vascular structures present in the anal canal. They are cushions that help the stool to control in normal state. They become a disease when swollen or inflamed. Hemorrhoids can be external or internal. Internal Hemorrhoids are generally painless, bright red rectal bleeding while defecating. Whereas, external Hemorrhoids results in pain and swelling in the area of the anus.

You have to take Herbal Time Piles Care tablets during your treatment. These tablets contain herbal ingredients which work together helping you to stop bleeding, control inflammation, reduce pain, discharge and itching. They even strengthen anal mucosa and tone up loosened anal muscles.

Piles also called Hemorrhoids are swollen veins similar to varicose veins that formed in rectum or anus due to pressure on that part of the body by passing stool. It causes pain, irritation, and bleeding. It can develop inside the rectum (Internal Hemorrhoids) and under the skin around the anus (External Hemorrhoids). On average, out of four persons, one individual suffers it all over the world.

Internal Piles Generally Have Three Phases:

First Stage: The patient experiences painless bleeding during defecation.

Second Stage: There is painless bleeding along with mass protruding out from rectum during defecation.

Third Stage: Pile mass is hardly reduced back or if it reduced back by force; it comes out even on coughing/walking or sitting.

Types of hemorrhoids according to Ayurveda: According to Dosha (Body Energy), it may be of the following category.

Pitt Dosh: The patients who have Pitta Dosh experience soft and red bleeding hemorrhoids. They may experience fever, thirst, or diarrhea.

Vat Dosh: Those who have Vata Dosh may have severe pain, constipation, and black or rough hemorrhoids.

Kaph Dosh: The individuals with Kaph Dosha, may experience poor digestion and hemorrhoids with light, soft, and large.

Symptom of haemorrhoid: Its main symptoms may include:

Itching, pain at the bottom
A sensation that the bowel is not empty
Painful bowel movements
Bleeding without pain during/after bowel movements
Irregular bowel movements
Diagnosis of Hemorrhoids: It can be diagnosed with knowing the history and rectal examination of a patient.

History of the patient: It includes Bowel Movements, Bleeding appearance, and family history.

Rectal examination: The rectal examination goes through two phases.

Physical examination- The physician examines the rectum of a patient with gloved fingers.

Proctoscopy or Anoscopy– The lining of the rectum is examined through a proctoscope.

Complication linked with Piles: If the patient leaves it untreated, it can lead to being a serious medical problem. The most common problem known as Strangulation means the blood supply blocked that can give rise to gangrene or tissue death. The patient may suffer from Anemia that occurs due to chronic bleeding. It will result in fatigue and weakness.

What Cause Hemorrhoids?

The exact cause of it is unknown. The exact cause of it is unknown. Chronic constipation, pregnancy, and reduced exercise may develop it. Eating a low fiber diet and not taking fluids in your diet may bring it sometimes.

How To Get Rid Of Piles/Hemorrhoids/Fissure/Fistula?
Prevention Of Haemorrhoid/Fistula

The best way to prevent it is the herbal treatment of constipation. Your stool should be soft to pass easily without creating pressure on your bowels. You must follow the tips given below.

Include plenty of fluids in your diet: You must drink more water during the problem. You must add other liquid, don’t go for alcohol, during these days to avoid constipation. The vegetables you eat should not be fried, dried, and too spicy.

Include lemon in your diet to control bleeding: You must include lemon juice in your meals to get relief from bleeding. Lemon supports the prevention of bleeding to a great extent. It reduces pain and inflammations go away too.

Avoid dried red chilli powder: Stop using red chili powder in your diet immediately as it makes the disorder more complicated. Use black pepper or green chili instead of red chili powder.

Avoid Pickles and incompatible foods: Do not include pickles in your meal as it is spicy and supports constipation. Also, avoid potatoes and other root vegetables except for radish and carrot. Pickles, generally have a large amount of salt that causes dehydration in your body.

Include high-fiber natural foods in your meals: You must eat fruits, vegetables, and grains that contain a high amount of fiber. An intake of 20 to 30 grams of fiber in a day provides relief from gas and constipation. Fiber supports digestion positively.

Go as soon as you feel the urge for a natural call: You should not wait to pass bowel movements as your excrements would become hard to pass out. Don’t surpass the urges go for as soon as you feel.

Go for more often physical exercise: Go for regular exercising, It would keep you active and help you prevent constipation. Exercising keeps you naturally hydrated and enhances blood circulation to all parts of your body.

100% Ayurvedic Treatment For Piles/Hemorrhoids/Fissure/Fistula
Herbal Treatment for Piles/Hemorrhoids: Nonsurgical herbal treatments are available for Piles or Hemorrhoids nowadays. Go with Ayurveda, It is one of the most successful options for it.

Kshar Karma Therapy: Kshar Karma Therapy (Caustic Therapy) is a minimally invasive procedure and an effective Ayurvedic technique. It is an alkaline preparation of natural plants and their products. Kshar is applied in the pile mass that shrinks it. It leads to arrest of the bleeding and regression of the wart of Piles. No surgery is required during this herbal process.

Kshara Sutra Therapy: The standard Kshara Sutra Therapy is prepared from different medicinal plants. The patient is anesthetized with Local/Spinal/General anesthesia. The pile mass is tied up by the Kasha Sutra and it shed off after a few days. A new Kasha Sutra is applied if needed. There is no requirement of hospitalization or bed rest and patient can go home after the completion of the procedure.

If unluckily, you ever experience the disorder in the future, you must opt for its herbal treatment as early as possible. You must take it seriously before it creates any damage to your health. Our Ayurvedic Doctor provides you a free consultation. You may buy our ‘Herbal Time Piles Care’ which does not contain chemicals. It is an excellent herbal remedy for the disease.

Ayurveda Diet Plan For Piles/Hemorrhoids/Fissure/Fistula
Use Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is anti-inflammatory. It will help a great deal. You may use its gel and apply it directly to soothe the area. It also reduces pain.

Use Psyllium husk or Isabgol: Psyllium Husk or Isabgol is one of the best remedies for constipation. You should take one/two teaspoons of it with warm water or milk before going to bed in the night.

Natural Diet Plan For Piles/Hemorrhoids/Fissure/Fistula

The diet plan for fifteen days or one month depends on the Dosha of your body. Our doctor will determine the Dosha and suggest what you must include in your meals. The specialist will manage the progress in your health. You must follow the Natural diet plan for piles/hemorrhoids/fissure/fistula for getting better results. The severity of the disease also plays a crucial role in deciding a diet plan for you.

There is a unique natural diet plan for a patient experiencing the disorder.

Let us see below a sample of the natural Fifteen-day Indian diet plan for piles/hemorrhoids/fissure/fistula.

Early morning/Empty stomach: One Glass warm water with lemon juice.

Breakfast: One bowl of oats with milk and a banana or small apple

Mid-morning: One glass of buttermilk or one bowl of yogurt/curd

Lunch: One cup of curd, Two Chapati/Roti of wheat flour/multi-grain flour with bran, a Half cup of brown rice, One cup of cooked pulse or Daal, and One cup of steamed spinach/Palak.


One bowl of polenta ( Khichadi-cooked Mung Daal and Rice), One cup of cooked spinach/Palak, One cup for curd/Kadhi.

Evening snack:

A glass of Carrot and Coriander juice

A half cup of steamed sprouts

Mid-Evening: One cup of fresh vegetables soup without straining

Dinner: Eat the same quantity of the meal as described in the lunch.

Bedtime: Take one glass of warm water.

It does not matter what menu you opt for according to your appetite, make sure that your diet plan must have a minimum amount of oil without spices and ginger too.

If you have Diabetes/Heart problems/Acidity or another health issue then, ask your doctor what diet you should eat for piles/hemorrhoids/fissure/fistula.


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