Exercise does not make you lose weight always. Why is it so? Have you ever thought why the weighing machine shows the same weight even if you exercise daily rigorously?

We never give thought upon this and we think that the exercise is not working for me anymore or may be the diet is not working for me anymore and gradually you lose motivation instead of losing weight. One of the main reason can be that you are gaining muscle while you are losing fat; or may be you are not taking enough proteins in your diet because proteins alone can boost your metabolism upto 100 calories every day; Or you might be taking extra calories or you might be binge eating even on healthy food, or you are still drinking sugar. These can be some very important factors that hamper your weight loss program.

Even before you think of losing weight you should calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index). Check how much weight you need to lose and then set the target for yourself. For extremely obese people it is always suggested to take up a diet first, which will help to shed some pounds. After that comes in the role of all the fat burning products, these are available in the market from completely herbal to completely chemical. You can choose what is best suitable for you.

The fat burning supplements are advisable for people with obese who need to achieve a weight loss of more than 10 kgs. These supplements break the unwanted fat from the body transform it into fluids and throw them out of your system. Secondly, they also help in increasing the metabolism of the body so that continuous weight loss can be achieved. This will help in the breaking the food completely into energy and you will feel motivated to proceed with your gym sessions and other exercises. Then you will notice the effective weight loss on the weighing machine too.